Elected Republicans

United States Congress

Rep. John M. Shimkus
U.S. 15th Congressional District

State of Illinois Officials

Bruce Rauner
Illinois State Governor

Evelyn Sanguinetti
Illinois State Lt. Governor

Illinois State Representatives

Brad Halbrook
Illinois 102nd Representative District

Rep. Chad Hays
Illinois 104th Representative District

Rep. Tom Bennett
Illinois 106th Representative District

Illinois State Senators

Sen. Chapin Rose
Illinois 51st Senate District

Sen. Jason Barickman
Illinois 53rd Senate District

Vermilion County Officials

Patrick Hartshorn
Vermilion County Sheriff

Jacqueline Lacy
Vermilion County State’s Attorney

Jane McFadden
Vermilion County Coroner

Larry Baughn
Vermilion County Board Chairman

Darren Duncan
Vermilion County Treasurer

Dennis Gardner
Vermilion County Circuit Clerk

Dave Stone
Vermilion County Recorder

Matthew R. Long
Supervisor of Assessments

Cathy Jenkins
Vermilion County Clerk

Justice Rita Garman
Illinois Supreme Court

Vermilion County Board

Vermilion County Board District One
Larry Baughn
Todd Johnson
Joel Bird

Vermilion County Board District Two
Michael Marron
Kevin Green
Charles “Chuck” Mockbee III

Vermilion County Board District Three
Chuck Nesbitt
Joe Eakle
Steve Fourez

Vermilion County Board District Four

Marla Mackiewicz
Mitch Weaver
Adam Hart

Vermilion County Board District Five

Crisi Walls

Breannah Haton

Jim Watson

Vermilion County Board District Six
Tom Morse
Dr. Wesley Bieritz
Deanna Witzel

Vermilion County Board District Seven
Craig Golden